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How It Works

First Let's talk about how Performance Gods
DOESN'T work

No Calorie Counting, No Points to Count, No Prepackaged Meals, No So-Called "Diet Pills". We are the opposite of most of what you have heard about losing weight.

With the Performance Gods Program, you can expect:

  • Eat until satiated, no low-calorie restriction, no hunger

  • To lose 20% of your body weight in 3-6 months

  • You will be able to maintain the fat loss for a lifetime.

  • To improve functional strength and movement

  • To add lean muscle mass (with or without weight lifting)

  • To Prevent, Improve or Reverse Chronic Illnesses 

  • Improvement in Hormonal Imbalances and Autoimmune Diseases

  • Increased Energy, Mood, and Vitality

  • You will lose fat and gain muscle even if you are not able to exercise.

The Performance Gods Program is not just a weight loss program. The protocol is designed to bio-hack your body’s natural mechanisms to rejuvenate your body, prevent, improve and reverse chronic illnesses, build muscle even without exercise and you will lose substantial body fat.


The program is based purely upon science and medical research, No Bro Science here! With Medical Science Research doubling every thirteen months, we have researchers that are always combing through the latest research looking for any new breakthroughs. We also perform our own in-house research, we test protocols, regiments, supplements, etc. - and we even allow clients to participate in the research.


With our Science-Based Program, there are NO Diet Pills, NO detox, NO Point Counting, NO prepackaged meals, NONE of the standard diet add-ons, there is nothing to buy, it’s just accurate sports exercise science and medical research that has been proven to work long term.  With the Performance Gods Program, you will have access to the knowledge, materials, and resources you need to not only lose weight for a lifetime but to dramatically improve your health, vitality, and quality of life.


How it works: Getting Started and the process involved


Choose which membership you prefer; Self Service or Health Coach


Once you join the Team, You will fill out our Intake form (includes waivers, goals, health conditions, along with The Public Commitment Announcement and Video You Signing it. 


We will email you a link to download our App. You will be able to message, create or receive your workouts, upload progress pictures, log food, log personal measurements and track your progress. 


You will watch our New Member Introduction Video giving you a summary of the entire program, and what to expect as you follow along with our protocols


You will then watch the individual videos explaining the How and Why of each step in Performance Gods protocol and how to make adjustments as you progress.


You will have access to the full suite of education material, food shopping list, food substitutes, recipes, research, private group, special speakers, Vlog, telemedicine, etc.


If you have chronic health conditions or injuries, a Health Coach will discuss those with you to create a plan, along with your doctor, to have those monitored as you progress through the program


If you choose the Health Coach Membership OR as an Add On to the Self Service Membership; A Health Coach can customize a nutrition plan, weight resistance plan, and exercise plan based upon your goals, health, and equipment access.


If you choose the Health Coach Membership, a Health Coach will check in with you and hold you accountable


Start The Program


Regardless of the level of accountability you choose, you will be given full access to all the tools available:


Communication with Health Coaches via email with a 24 hour response except holidays and weekends.


Continuing Education through Video, Blog, Health Coaches and Special Speakers


Private Group for Support and Accountability


Full Access to 100’s of Cardio, HITT and Exercises videos to create your own workouts and schedules along with Challenges and Bootcamps.


Discounts on products only available to Members


Exclusive Video Releases


Access to the Latest Research


Participation in Trials, Research, New Protocols or Product Testing


Access to 1000’s of Recipes 


Tele-Medicine Providers for your medical needs at discounted prices. NOTE: Tele-Medicine is a separate entity from Performance Gods. Performance Gods Does Not receive any compensation from Tele-Medicine, it is only offered as a courtesy to our clients. Performance Gods DOES NOT give medical advice.

​Guarantee: We stand by the quality of our service and are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase. If, for any reason, you are not happy with our service, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply contact us by emailing and we will process a refund for the full purchase price to the original payment method.

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