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Tim was 100+ lbs

Now, has no medical issues, is medication free and has his allergies under complete control.

The journey that resulted in Performance Gods started in 2014 when Tim Long started a Primary and Urgent Care Center. Tim at one point was 100+ lbs overweight, had high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and severe allergies (24/7/365)  from the age of 10 years old. Tim could not get the answers from several Primary Care Doctors, Specialist, Allergist, Nutritionist and Trainers. In fact, he was told by several Doctors to, just accept the situation and learn to deal with it.  Tim took matters into his own hands and started doing the research on his own. What resulted was Tim opening A Primary Care Clinic, to not just treat symptoms but help people regain their health. By the way, Tim lost 94 lbs, has no medical issues, is medication free and has his allergies under complete control.

The creation of Performance Gods Longevity and Weight loss Program began on the beach of Pensacola Florida as Tim watched people walk by at the edge of the water. As He watched, he noticed the look on an overweight lady’s face that looked as if she had given up. Tim thought “I bet she has tried everything she could do to lose weight and it hasn’t worked, she just gave up. I know what to do, I know what really works, I can help her!” Tim decided that day to start teaching people what he had learned from his 8 years of research. How to lose weight for good, to improve their health and give them the tools to live a long, physically healthy life.  

Performance Gods also has a team of Medical Providers, Dieticians, Sports and Exercise Therapist and Personal Trainers on our board of advisors to give us guidance as we design programs, perform inhouse research and launch new protocols. You can rest assured, everything we offer is backed by research and tested before we offer it to our clients. Performance Gods stays on the cutting edge of research, there is NO Bro science used here! 


— Aristotle

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