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The Science is Proven… We Can help you lose fat, build muscle, increase strength, improve functional mobility and improve your chronic health conditions.

Performance Gods is about getting results in a natural way that are based purely upon medical science and research. Performance Gods is designed to help you lose 20% of your body weight in 3 to 6 months. We so firmly stand behind the 20% weight loss, it’s even in our name.

Every protocol, every nutrition plan, every exercise regimen and every Bio Hack tool we use is backed by research and has been proven in research trials. If it does not produce results, we do not use it.

Here Are Examples of Disproven Myths You Still Hear Daily:

“Eat Less, Move More” AND “Calories In Calories Out”

Those Myths have been disproven years ago by the Women’s Initiative Study and The Biggest Loser Study, but you still hear it daily from so called weight loss guru’s. We know through research that restricting calories doesn’t work long term, and decades of research proves it only slows down your metabolism.


In the Performance Gods Program you don’t count or restrict calories, you will eat until you are full. It’s not necessarily how much you eat, it’s what you eat and the effect on hormones that most determines the fat gain. We use a Modified Keto Nutrition Plan that allows you to eat whole real foods that you buy from any grocery store, and you will actually save about 30% on your grocery bill. That’s right, you will save money but eat just as many calories.


There are so many more Myths that will be disproven in the program. We will teach you what actually works, it will all be backed by research and you will experience the results firsthand.

Ready To Get Your Dream Body and Keep It for a lifetime?

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Nutrition Protocol

First, You WILL NOT count calories, you will eat until full, you will lose weight and there are no pre-packed meals to buy. We use a Modified Keto Plan that can be designed specifically for you. You will also track your food and progress via our Performance Gods app.

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Exercise Protocol

Designed to protect joints, stabilize core, build and strengthen muscle, improve functional movement and burn fat. You will have access to 100’s of exercise videos Via our Performance Gods App. If you would like work directly with a Health Coach, that is an option as well


The 3 Protocols were all scientifically developed to help a person lose 20% of their body weight and gain muscle without going on a calorie-restrictive diet. The main reason diets fail is that you are hungry from too much calorie restriction, it simply can’t be maintained for a lifetime. The key to success is to eat until satiated and eat in a way that can easily be maintained for the rest of your life. Our protocols accomplish exactly that.


Individually, any one of the protocols will help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals, but if you combine any 2 or even all 3 protocols, you will reach your goals much easier and exponentially faster

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